Our madridistas on international duty!

Real Madrid players not only contribute to the club in club competitions, but are also called up to the national team to represent their country in international assignments. This is a great honor and a new challenge for the players to face, while also proving their quality and influence in international football.


Real Madrid always has a force of talented and multi-national players. Real Madrid players are called up to the national team not only because of their excellence on the field, but also because of the influence and special skills they bring. Stars such as Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Luka Modric and Karim Benzema have been with Real Madrid for a long time and are icons of the club, and are also important players in their national team.


When participating in international assignments, Real Madrid players not only represent themselves, but also their country and millions of fans. On the field, they bring fighting spirit and commitment to win for the national team. They are leaders, creating unity and team spirit within the squad.


Real Madrid players also bring their professionalism and personal skills to international tournaments. Trained in a high-class environment and facing top opponents, Real Madrid players have the ability to adapt and contribute as soon as they reach the national team. They bring creativity, speed and excellent ability on the ball, playing an important role in the tactics and success of the national team.

The fact that Real Madrid players lead the national team also creates a special connection between club and team. The players have integrated into the collective environment of the national team, learning and imparting the values and skills they received from Real Madrid. This also demonstrates the strong bond between club and country, and creates pride among fans of both.


The Real Madrid players who lead the national team are a testament to the talent and diversity of the club. They not only bring success to Real Madrid, but also contribute to building and enhancing the reputation of the national team. Their presence and contribution in international assignments is a clear demonstration of the excellence and influence of Real Madrid players on an international scale.