Messi injury in the match against Toronto FC

Lionel Messi, the Argentine superstar who sent shockwaves through the soccer community with his move to Inter Miami CF, remains a subject of intense scrutiny and speculation as his journey in Major League Soccer (MLS) unfolds.


The latest episode in this ongoing narrative unfolded when Messi left the field earlier than anticipated during tonight’s match against Toronto FC, citing muscle fatigue, alongside his teammate Jordi Alba.

Since his arrival at Inter Miami in July, Messi has added a touch of magic to American soccer. His mere presence has raised the MLS’s profile, garnering more attention for the league and transforming Inter Miami into an internationally recognized club. However, Messi’s exit due to muscle fatigue raises questions about how this high-profile transfer is being managed.


Soccer is an incredibly physically demanding sport, and fatigue is an inevitable part of the life of an elite athlete. The fact that Messi was sidelined due to muscle fatigue is not surprising in itself. The critical question lies in how the club is overseeing the workload and recovery of their most valuable player.

Coach Gerardo Martino, who is well-acquainted with Messi, disclosed that both players were rested due to fatigue following a 12-game unbeaten streak in all competitions. This brings into question whether the team is overly reliant on Messi and whether they are actively exploring rotation and squad management options to maintain the fitness of their players throughout the season.


Moreover, with the US Open Cup final looming and Inter Miami aiming to secure a spot in the 2023 Audi MLS Cup playoffs, these competitions will demand additional effort and energy from the team. It is imperative that Messi and other key players are in peak condition when the pivotal phases of these competitions arrive.

Messi’s MLS journey is far from disappointing, but it serves as a reminder that even the greatest soccer talents are susceptible to fatigue and injuries. Inter Miami CF must strike a balance between the excitement of having a legend like Messi on their roster and the imperative to safeguard his health, ensuring consistent performance.


The soccer world watches with keen interest, eager to witness how Messi adapts to this new chapter in his career. With prudent management and the commitment of all involved, Messi’s presence in the MLS can continue to dazzle, offering fans unforgettable moments and affording Inter Miami CF a genuine shot at success in upcoming competitions.